How Agricultural Foam Spray Foam Insulation Works
ICYNENE MD-C-200 spray foam insulation is a two-part system formulated from renewable resources that is applied by highly trained applicators. This liquid quickly expands, filling all gaps and voids, and cures to form a fully adhered, solid, monolithic insulation envelope that is a highly effective air and moisture barrier. ICYNENE MD-C-200 is non-toxic after installation, and is available in natural or black if required for poultry house blackout conditions.
ICYNENE MD-C-200 Spray Foam Typical Insulation Physical Properties
Fungi Resistance:
Moisture vapor permeance:
Closed-cell content:
Water absorption:
Resistance to solvents
Flame Spread:
Closed-cell polyurethane foam
2.0 lb./ft.³ nominal
No Fungus Growth
0.9 perms
Greater than 90%
≤0.04 lbs./sq. ft.
6.7 per inch
Less than 25

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