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FF88 Intumescent, Water-Based Coating for Building Materials

Firefree88 (FF88)
is a water-based, intumescent coating that can withstand extreme temperatures (up to 2000° Fahrenheit) for an extended period of time (up to two hours).

Firefree88 is the first coating to bring a true fire barrier to a wide variety of materials and assemblies including gypsum wallboard, wood, lath and plaster, concrete, sheet metal, tin, foam, foam composite panels, as well as more advanced materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber. (FF88 is not designed for use on structural steel.)

As a result,
FF88 provides a high level of fire protection for the benefit of many diverse industries, including construction, insulation and transportation (land, air, sea).
Introduction to the FireFree88® System (2:05)

is unique because of its unmatched level of performance both as a fire retardant (prevents flame spread/flashover) and as a fire resistant (resists fire penetration).

As a result of its high performance in limiting flame spread and fire penetration,
FF88 has the proven ability to contain a fire by preventing both (i) the occurrence of flashovers and (ii) the fire from penetrating walls and ceilings, thus resulting in saving lives and preserving the structural integrity of property.


performance is truly unique because of its high level of performance both as a fire retardant and as a fire resistant coating.

Firefree88 is a very cost effective method to provide fireproofing, often resulting in 40% to 60% savings compared to traditional methods, which often require massive amounts of material and labor and which inconvenience building occupants.