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Firefree 88 Performance / MSDS & SPEC PDF's

can withstand extreme temperatures.

In extensive third party testing at accredited third party IAS fire testing laboratories, including Western Fire Center, Omega, Southwest, U.L., Warnock Hersey and the University of California Forest Products Lab, FF88, an intumescent coating, has been shown to withstand temperatures of up to 2000° Fahrenheit for up to two hours.

By comparison, an average fire will burn at about 1000° F to 1500° F (it is estimated that the World Trade Center burned at around 1700° F for about 45 minutes).

FF88 has been approved by Factory Mutual (FM Global), classified by Underwriters Laboratories (U/L) and tested at accredited third party IAS fire testing laboratories.

contains fire to its room of origin.

By protecting the walls and ceilings and preventing them from contributing to the fire, FF88 will limit the amount of combustible materials available for flashover.

This will prevent the fire from spreading or, at a minimum, slow it down thus giving people time to escape and firemen time to arrive and safely save property.

In some cases, fires can burn out after exhausting the initial combustible materials.

limits smoke propagation.

The production of smoke in a fire is often more lethal than the fire itself.

Simulations and tests have proven that using
FF88 will limit the combustibility of the room and thus dramatically reduce the smoke generated, allowing extra minutes to escape.

preserves structural integrity.

Since FF88 can contain the fire to the room of origin and prevent fire penetration of the walls and ceiling, the potential fire damage to the studs and ceiling joists in a structure is dramatically reduced, preventing structural collapse while allowing firefighters the extra safety to fight the fire from the inside.

is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Firefree88 has no toxic fumes, little or no odor and has passed the stringent requirements for solvents and emissions by the State of California for 2008.


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