Rely on the Foam Chicago Building Science Experts
Rely on the Energy Smart Insulation Building Science Experts
Nobody understands the science of building better than Foam Chicago Nobody understands the science of building better than Energy Smart Insulation.

If you want to build a thermally efficient and air tight home, it's not enough just to insulate.  You must choose the right insulation and air sealing system for the application, and be sure it's properly installed.

Our Building Science experts understand the principles of heat, air and moisture flow, and how the building envelope interacts with a building's mechanical systems as well as its occupants.

N.A.S.A. applied one-inch of spray-on foam insulation on the Space Shuttle's External Tank that serves to insulate the tank.  The closed-cell foam used on the tank was developed to keep the Shuttle's liquid hydrogen fuel at minus 423 degrees Fahrenheit and the liquid oxygen tank at near minus 297 degrees Fahrenheit even as the tank sits under the hot Florida sun while preventing a buildup of ice on the outside of the tank. Properly insulating and sealing your home with Foam Chicago Spray Foam is a greener alternative

Did you know that an improperly insulated and sealed home delivers 4500 lbs. of excess greenhouse gases into the air each year?  It can also waste 20 percent or more of the energy used to heat and cool the home.

Properly insulating and sealing your homes with Spray Foam is a greener alternative.

We can help you in specifying the right insulation system for our local climate.   Contact our Building Science experts with your inquiries at (708) 595-6891 or visit our Research Archives

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