Icynene® Insulated Homes
Deliver a Healthier, Quieter
More Energy Efficient® Living Environment
Homebuyers and improvers are willing to pay more for energy efficient options and upgrades. Government programs and incentives have been developed that reward homeowners who reduce their impact on energy reserves and the environment.
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As a result, your building / remodeling practices as well as your marketing must address increasing demand for more energy efficient and sustainable spaces.

Icynene® is an open-celled spray foam insulation that is also a classified air barrier. By helping you take control of air leakage, Icynene® lets you deliver the green benefits your clients demand such as energy efficiency, healthier indoor air quality and a quieter living environment.
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Used in over 100,000 building projects, Icynene® has a proven track record for delivering profitable, high-performance solutions that give Builders and Remodelers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Icynene®'s air-sealing properties help you easily address problem areas in a home that cause the bulk of energy-robbing drafts such as rim joists, crawl spaces, attics or cavities around windows and doors.
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Icynene® contributes to sustainable building and design that can help your clients save up to 50% on monthly utility bills and rest assured knowing that their home has a reduced impact on the environment.

Icynene® has participated in over 100,000 health, environmental and energy efficient building projects. Icynene has been the insulation of choice for numerous projects in affiliation with well-respected organizations like the American Lung Association®'s demonstration "Health House®s", Habitat For Humanity®, model reMODEL, EarthCraft House™ and IBACOS®.

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