Spray Foam Costs - Foam Chicago
How can you tell it's a Energy Smart Insulation insulated home?
Live in it.
Boost your home's resale value.  A well-sealed home is a better performing home.  And that can affect your home's resale.  Home inspections and lower energy bills will confirm Spray Foams superior thermal efficiency.

Spray Foam - Green Renewable Sensible - Foam Chicago So investing in Spray foam insulation not only enhances the comfort, energy efficiency and structural integrity of your home, it also can pay back again when it comes time to sell your home.

Real Savings
Assume a home has 2,500 square feet of finished living area and will cost an additional $5,000 for Spray Foam insulation.  Assume that 80% of that $5,000 investment will be financed, resulting in a $4,000 loan and a $1,000 down payment.  At a 7% interest rate, the monthly loan would increase by $26.60 per month, or approximately $6.65 per thousand per month.

Estimated Average Monthly Heating/Cooling Cost - Foam Chicago Now consider the cost of heating and cooling the same home.  We will use an average cost of $200 a month for a standard fiber glass insulated home.  The actual cost will probably be much higher.

By insulating the home with Spray Foam in both the walls and ceiling, the heating and cooling cost will be at least 40% less than the fiberglass home with the same R-value.  This calculation shows a potential average savings per month of $80.

So Let's Review This...
This reflects a savings of almost $1,000 per year in energy costs.  If you take the $1,000 per year and divide it by the $5,000 costs, the calculation gives you a 20% return on your investment.  Where else can you get that kind of return?  

The savings will be even greater if natural gas, propane, heating oil and electricity costs continue to increase as predicted.  Your investment in a Energy Smart Insulation's package will save you money month after month.

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