Benefits of Ceiling Insulation - Chicago
Benefits of Ceiling Insulation
Energy Smart Insulation insulated ceilings are one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures. In addition to reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gains in the summer, ceiling insulation improves comfort by bringing ceiling temperatures closer to room temperatures and providing an even temperature distribution throughout the house.
When planning and managing ceiling insulation projects, make sure:
Attic floors over flat ceilings are often the easiest part of an exterior building envelope to insulate.  They are usually accessible and have ample room for insulation.  However, many homes use cathedral ceilings or have attic knee walls that present unique insulation requirements.

In today's market, you can achieve the proper r-values for your home in several ways.  You can have fiberglass, cellulose, or, in some homes, spray foam can be added to attic rooflines.  Energy Smart Insulation will be glad to offer a free estimate on any of these options as well as our expert advice about other energy saving measures that may apply to your home.