The Key to Building a Comfort Conditioned Home - Chicago
Comfort Condition Your Home
The Key to Building a Comfort Conditioned Home in Chicago
Knauf fiber glass insulation delivers comfort by providing maximum energy efficiency as well as peace and quiet, resulting in a home with a greater resale value. Insulating a home with Knauf insulation is a home builder's mark of distinction, a sign that he cares about energy efficiency and comfort.
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Knauf Insulation meets the toughest indoor air standards in the industry.
Indoor Air Quality is a bigger issue to the construction industry than ever before. Studies show that indoor air is 2-5 times more contaminated than the outdoors. And with Americans spending 90% of their time inside, it's no wonder that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lists poor IAQ as a top five environmental health threat.

As consumers grow more aware of the importance of indoor air quality, the demand for IAQ-friendly homes and workplaces will only continue to increase—and along with it, the demand for low-emitting building products.

Knauf Insulation led the movement to address these concerns by being the first manufacturer to earn certification from the GREENGUARD™ Environmental Institute for insulation products in 2002. This third-party IAQ performance certification ensures that Knauf Insulation's residential and commercial batts and rolls, metal building insulation and Jet Stream® and Perimeter Plus™ blowing insulations meet strict industry IAQ standards.
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Design Flexibility and Greater Value for Quality Conscious Buyers

As energy costs climb and energy codes become more stringent, comfort conditioned homes will become an even greater value for quality-conscious buyers. Of all the energy-efficient steps you can take, adding Knauf high-density fiber glass insulation probably makes the most financial sense.
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After all, it involves a low initial cost and no operating expenses. Fiber glass insulation pays for itself in just a few years and then continues to save the homeowner money.
Maximize Your Insulating Power
Knauf's line of high density (HD) fiber glass insulation gives you the design flexibility to build cathedral ceilings and increase window area using conventional framing, while maintaining energy efficiency.

It's a significantly lower-cost approach than using 2 x 6 framing, or adding thicker insulated sheathing and extended door and window frames.

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When Insulating a Comfort Conditioned Home . . .

The Pros Know, Every Detail Counts.

Make Energy Smart Insulation your partner in building comfort conditioned homes to help you make the most of every home, minimize callbacks and increase buyer satisfaction.  The professional contractor knows the capabilities of all materials and can suggest cost-effective alternatives to expensive measures like insulated sheathing and framing modifications.

Energy Smart Insulation understands local building and energy codes, and can anticipate and solve potential problems to assure fire safety and moisture control while controlling air infiltration. Working with Energy Smart Insulation may also expose you to preferential mortgage options available for energy efficient homes.

Most of all, Energy Smart Insulation's professionally trained crews will take a whole-home approach to ensure the integrity of the thermal envelope. Many contractors are required to provide a certificate of insulation, indicating the R-values of installed insulation throughout the home. Just one more way the pro works to give you peace of mind.

You can spot insulation pros by the material they use, and Knauf premium quality fiber glass insulation is the professional's choice. Its superior handling characteristics and consistent quality help the contractor do a better job for you.